Herding Tendencies of Dinosaurs

Herding Tendencies of Dinosaurs

No doubt many dinosaur groups traveled in herds. In the Bandera County fossil quarry, in Texas, the tracks of 23 individual apatosaurs all move in the same direction, with the prints of the young in the center. One or two carnivores had passed earlier, but the herd definitely crossed as a unit.

In Holyoke, Massachusetts, are the tracks of 134 three—toed bipedal dinosaurs in three trails. Browsing would have led to erratic prints as the animals moved to and fro; these were traveling as a group sharing a common objective.

The sight of these great herds of dinosaurs moving through a Mesozoic forest with the young, often the size of a full—grown elephant, protected by a ring of attentive adults must have been one of the most awe—inspiring sights of any period in earth history.

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