"The Squirrels Are Coming"

"The Squirrels Are Coming"

Mass migrations of animal species such as the lemming are well known. Sudden mass migrations have also been known to occur among other animals groups, such as the gray squirrel.

In the early days of our country's history, mysterious mass movements of gray squirrels, occurred periodically across the United States. For no apparent reason, hundreds of thousands of the squirrels would band together in a huge pack and move like a flood of gray fur across the countryside, devouring all of the nuts and grains that lay in their path.

In 1749 a horde of migratory squirrels caused so much damage in the cornfields of Pennsylvania that authorities offered a bounty of threepence for each squirrel killed. As a result well over 640,000 squirrels were destroyed by money—hungry hunters. Even this slaughter made scarcely a dent in the multitudes, and hundreds of thousands survived, continuing their march over mountains and plains, clearing fields and forests.

No records were kept of the final destination of the squirrels, and nobody seems to know what ultimately happened to them. They simply "vanished."

From the book: 
Our Fascinating Earth