Leopards Prefer Dogs

Leopards Prefer Dogs

A favorite prey of both African and Asian leopards is the ordinary domestic dog, and these cats seem to go out of their way to capture Fido. One evening in a farmer's home in Kenya a man and woman were sitting in their living room, the husband reading a newspaper and the wife knitting. To complete the domestic scene their dog lay sound asleep on the floor between them. The farmer was just starting to turn the page when a leopard leaped through the open window, grabbed the sleeping dog in its jaws, and was out the window in a flash. All this occurred before the man completed the act of turning the newspaper page. The man recalled only a spotted blur. Needless to say, the couple never saw their dog again.

On another nearby property a farmer noticed a leopard lying near the edge of his property while several large puppies played close by. The giant cat appeared to be completely ignoring the dogs. The dogs eventually became curious and slowly but cautiously approached the leopard to investigate. The leopard continued to ignore them, making them even more curious. The farmer himself was simply fascinated by what he was observing, because the leopard even rolled over on its back and seemed to be purring. This was too much for one of the puppies, which walked over and sniffed the leopard. That was its last act on earth. The carnivore's reaction was so fast that, again, like a spotted blur, it swept the hapless puppy into its jaws and sped away with its prey. Such clever deception as displayed by this leopard had thus far been unheard of. For a long time afterward the farmer went about his business with a high—powered rifle. This did not stop leopard attacks on his dogs, which were, as often as not, successful.

A grand finale to the tales of leopard luncheons has been told by a plantation owner in Malaysia. He was sitting in the tub in his bathhouse, with his pet dog lying on the floor next to the tub. For some reason or other the man had left open the door that faced the nearby jungle. While soaping himself down he suddenly became aware that there was some other creature in the room; it was a large male leopard. In the jaws of the predator was his dog, which was still struggling. The beast had entered so quietly that it didn't become noticeable until it grabbed the man's dog.

The man yelled and splashed water on the beast. The leopard just glared at the man, then slowly turned and walked out of the door and disappeared into the jungle with the dog still in his jaws. The man never saw his pet again. Later, when relating the incident to his friends, he remarked that he couldn't help feeling that the leopard knew he had caught the man with his pants down.

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