A Sword from Heaven

A Sword from Heaven

Because iron from meteorites is very durable and malleable, man has been quick to take advantage of these properties. Apparently meteoritic iron has been used in forging weapons for thousands of years.

One of the earliest discovered is a dagger that was unearthed by archaeologists several years ago at Ur of the Chaldees. The dagger, made of meteoritic iron, had been forged at least 5,000 years ago.

Weapons made from such heavenly iron have been found all over the world, from Mongolia to Mexico, from Europe to Africa, and even in the United States. Perhaps the most famous American knife is that of Jim Bowie, which was reputed to have been made from meteoritic iron. His legendary knife was lost as "booty" to an unknown Mexican solider following the fight at the Alamo in which Bowie lost his life.

The sword of Attila the Hun shed much human blood, as recorded history attests. He called the weapon his "sword from heaven," a most appropriate name since it was fashioned from meteoritic iron. Apparently he had seen the meteorite fall and somehow managed to recover it. In his megalomaniacal mind it must have appeared as a special gift from the gods to assist him in his war against mankind. And so he forged it into a sword; the rest is deadly history.

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