Laziest of All

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Laziest of All

The laziest animal species of all would have to be reptiles, and the laziest of all reptiles is the snake. People unfamiliar with or quite fearful of snakes imagine that they lie in wait under every rock or bush in the deserts and jungles of the world. These same people are usually quite surprised when, after spending days in such environments, they never see a single snake.

The snakes are there all right, but one doesn't usually see them because most of the time they are asleep or close to it. Snakes rouse into some sort of activity when hungry. After one meal they may go into a torpid state for days or weeks. When not hungry, they may stay wrapped around a branch or lie under a bush until they once again feel the pangs of hunger. During this time of inactivity a snake may remain completely motionless except to stick out its tongue to survey the environment. Snakes also rouse under other circumstances. When the urge to mate comes upon them they become instantly active!

Travelers or visitors to the desert or forest rarely see snakes because they are mainly shy of humans. More afraid of the human than the human is of it, the snake will hurry into hiding or just plain retreat rather than endure a confrontation. The only snake that would definitely announce its presence (although occasionally a little late), if approached too closely, is the rattlesnake, with its familiar buzzzzzzzz.

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