Insect Jewelry

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Insect Jewelry

People use up much free time looking for the latest in decorative jewelry. Both women and men spend billions of dollars for decorative items. U.S. women in particular look for hair decorations that are exotic and different.

Some of the poorer people of the world find ways of looking attractive that are far less expensive than objects of adornment sold in U.S. department stores. These people turn to nature for their decorative items. For example, some of the young women living in Costa Rica will scour the forests and bushes at night for the most naturally luminous insects. The women secure these creatures with very tiny chains or cords, allowing them some leeway of movement, and fasten them to hair or clothing in the evening. As the insects crawl about they flash their varicolored lights, creating a most striking effect, one almost impossible to create inexpensively in a department store. The female adorned with nature's beauty is most attractive and noticeable.

The young women of Malaysia manage to go one better than the Costa Ricans because the natural ornaments they use can be seen also in the daytime hours. In this country some of the butterfly fauna have extremely beautiful wings and bodies. Many of these colorful species are used as ornaments. They are gently tied to the woman's hair, with a slight leeway, by tiny chains or by very thin cord or thread. As they periodically attempt to fly away or just slightly beat their wings, they create a most unusual display of nature's beauty. Male observers are immediately attracted to the bearer of such natural charms. This kind of beauty one cannot find in a bottle or jar.

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