Romance by Odor

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Romance by Odor

Communication among many animal species is limited, so, in order to help, nature has devised a set of unmistakable sex signals. One of the simplest and most important is the odor that the female of many species emits when she is ready to mate. Response by the male is immediate.

It seems ironic that some of these natural fragrances, such as musk and civet, are the bases for many of the perfumes in great demand and use by modern women. They are used in a manner similar to that which nature originally intended, and as a consequence men are attracted to the pleasant smell a perfumed woman emits. Therefore the well—groomed woman who is wearing a perfume based on the essence of musk should not be frightened if she finds herself being followed by an alligator. It just happens that musk is the sexual aroma that turns him on. His intentions are purely romantic.

From the book: 
Our Fascinating Earth