Fish Food

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Fish Food

The havoc caused by swarming locusts is familiar to people the world over. Some may have witnessed the plague of the Great Plains in the 1930s, compounding the devastation of the dust bowl. Others may have experienced the African locust swarms, ten to fifty billion strong, darkening the sky and advancing on all growing things like a devouring fire. And who can forget the Eighth Plague over the land of Egypt, recorded with succinct fervor in Exodus?

When innocuous grasshoppers impact their environment they must migrate; at this time they pass into the locust phase of their existence. In their migration stage they reign sovereign over all. With their new expanded size, wingspan, power, and stamina, no thing or creature can stop their airborne invasion. But the gods of the locusts have blatantly overlooked one weapon — the wind. In their mass flights locusts are often at the mercy of the wind and may be driven out to sea where they have no place to light. Mariners have sighted huge swarms of locusts as far as 1,200 miles beyond any land. When their endurance finally gives out, the insects, unable to replenish themselves with food, drop by the millions into the sea.

There is a paradoxical retribution in the fact that the locusts, whose visitations have produced famine as they destroyed vast crops, can become, by a malicious trick of the wind, tasty morsels for the creatures of the sea. The despoiler of food does finally become the food.

From the book: 
Our Fascinating Earth