Neanderthal Bedouins
from the book, "Petrified Lightning"

Petrified Lightning

Neanderthal Bedouins

Neanderthals are usually associated with the cold glacial environments that existed during the last ice age. But this was not always true. They were quite widespread, and some groups even existed in hot, parched lands.

Primitive humans usually stayed within walking distance of water, but a certain group of Neanderthals managed to overcome this restriction by utilizing water vessels. These vessels were not pottery bowls, but ostrich egg shells, which made perfect canteens. The modern African bushman often employs an ostrich egg shell as a water vessel during migration or on the hunt.

The evidence of the Neanderthal desert versatility was recently exposed in the dry, sun—baked Negev region of Israel. Here excavation of a Neanderthal site revealed a number of stone tools along with several intact fossil ostrich eggs. Each egg had a small punctured hole that doubtless served as a mouthpiece.