A Faithless Wife
from the book, "Petrified Lightning"

Petrified Lightning

A Faithless Wife

Much of the raven's social behavior appears to have been learned from humans. At age two, when two ravens enter into a committed relationship, they are strictly monogamous. Once paired off they practice lifetime fidelity. Since they live almost as long as humans, ravens celebrating their golden anniversary may look forward to another dozen years or more of togetherness.

A raven, just as its human counterpart, may occasionally stray. A scientist engaged in studying the home life of a pair of ravens observed this rare occurrence from start to finish. A newly mated female was being caressed by a strange raven while the husband was away from home. He arrived unexpectedly back at the nest and witnessed his faithless wife at play. He flew furiously at the intruder and drove him off. Again like a human husband, the offended male raven flew off and didn't return until late that evening. When he rejoined his repentant mate, all was forgiven.