Souvenir of Civilization
from the book, "Our Fascinating Earth"

Our Fascinating Earth

Souvenir of Civilization

A noted exploration geologist recently remarked that on many occasions he had been in such remote desert country that he was convinced that nobody had ever been there before. His conclusion was almost always belied by his stumbling onto such relics of modern life as discarded garbage.

The discovery of such human artifacts on all corners of the planet has indeed reached ridiculous proportions. When Admiral R. J. Galanson, chief of the U.S. Naval Materials, peered through the porthole of a navy deep—submersible craft, he was almost a half mile below the surface of the Pacific Ocean.

With his adrenaline working overtime, the admiral truly expected to see sights no human being had ever seen before. He was quickly made aware of his error as he surveyed the ocean floor — the very first thing to meet his gaze was an empty beer can!